The cutest space alien I know! - 9/21/2011

I introduce you to the cutest alien I know!
I only wish I knew his name....

Brought to you by The Stationery Shop
and the sister-store Bright and Breezy,
this little Space Cartoon is my favorite little Spaceship Alien.
Zooming around the cosmos in a sporty red spaceship
and available to you on several different fun products.

Above are the square shaped "Thank You" stickers.
More stickers available as Bookplates, Property stickers,
and Birthday stickers.


Throw an "out of this world" Birthday Party
with these Space Party Birthday Invitations.


Then of course you'll need
Greeting Cards.
Whether you're throwing the party or going to the party.


And here's the "must have" Postage Stamps
for the cards (and everything else) you need to mail.


Word on the grapevine is that this friendly little space dweller
will soon be available on a poster!

I can't wait! :)

For now, here he is on a poster with the adorable astronaut.


Looking for the cutest alien T-Shirts you've ever seen?

Love "Little alien invader"!


And don't you wish you were looking at this blog post
while using this mousepad? I do!


Thank you and don't forget to visit all the great designs at
The Stationery Shop
Bright and Breezy


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